06072017 / Flour & Butter Cafe

The gang – San Diann, Clara and I met up for dinner last Thursday evening as I needed to collect the contact lenses which I requested San Diann to get me from Miri some time last month. I seldom wear contact lens but when I do, I would go for the daily disposable lenses. Some may find daily disposable lenses expensive when monthly disposable lenses could be as cheap as RM45 for three pairs which could last you for three months.

I had tried using monthly disposable ones before and I often ended up using once or twice after opening up a pair. So, I thought why not get myself daily disposable ones for hygiene reason and it is way easier to pack them in your vanity kit when traveling. It saves you the hassle of packing in the cleansing solution too!

The gang was asking for a venue to meet so I let them choose between Flour & Butter Cafe and Little Audrey’s Cafe. It took them quite some time to decide so I made the final call and off we went to the former. The cafe was pretty quiet that night with only a table or two of patrons dining at the time we arrived but more patrons started coming in after dinner hours for coffees and desserts.

Cappuccino | B$5.00

Chai Tea Latte | B$4.00

To be honest, I had been craving for coffee most of the time ever since I started cutting off coffee from my daily diet and there was one day when I caved in. You know that once you start, it is hard to stop. And what happened was, I saw two zits popping out few days later. My skin was perfectly nice when I banned coffee completely. I am now back to no coffee diet again.

Fries | B$4.90

Mushroom Chicken Pasta | B$12.50

spaghetti with mushroom sauce & marinated chicken

Vegetarian Pasta | B$11.90

aglio olio with button mushrooms

I had this for myself and it was good despite being tad bit salty. I believed the saltiness actually came from the parmesan cheese powder. The portion of vegetables and button mushrooms were pretty generous in my opinion. This is a pretty good choice if you want something light and healthy. However, I would request for no parmesan cheese powder next time.

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323 


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