Review: Carlton Hotel, Singapore

So, I just came back from Singapore yesterday afternoon whereby I spent an extremely long weekend there. I flew into Singapore on Thursday morning and spent a day on my own as Sister was only arriving the next morning. I booked for my own one night accommodation with Carlton Hotel so that it would be convenient for Sister and I to move over to Fairmont Hotel when she arrives.

It was by far one of the best hotels which I had stayed. It was due to several aspects which I chose Carlton Hotel over few other options which I had in hand. One of the main reasons was the accessibility. It was in within close walking distance from City Hall MRT Station and a few shopping malls nearby. You do not have to worry about food too as they are plenty to begin with.

This is how Carlton Hotel looked like from Raffles City. The weather was not great on the day when I arrived. It was drizzling at the time when this shot was taken. For your information, there are two Carlton Hotel in Singapore. One was this and the other was Carlton City Hotel. I chose the former due to the accessibility.

I love how spacious and grand the lobby looked. Check in and out were a brisk. I arrived Carlton Hotel way before the standard check in hour and the receptionist was kind enough to grant me an early check-in but it was subjective to room availability at the time. I requested for a room on the high floor on my Agoda booking and the receptionist assigned me to Room 2110 located on the 21st floor.

This was the view which greeted me the moment I opened the door to the place which I called home for the day. It was a lot more spacious than what I had in mind for Singapore’s accommodation. I had seen pictures on Agoda of their room size and the room was pretty much similar to the pictures which I saw on the Internet.

As you walk into the room, you will have the bathroom on your left whereby the shower room and the toilet came in separate cubicles. I love staying in hotels whereby their shower room and toilet come in separate cubicles. It comes in handy especially when you are sharing the room. It is a pain when you need to go to the loo but your sharing partner is occupying the bathroom. So, separate toilet and shower room definitely come as a blessing.

I love their rain shower as much as their hand held shower. Both came with super strong flow of water. Majority shower cubicle in Singapore are small size in general but this one is spacious in my opinion.

The bed was big and comfortable. Nearby to the window was a office desk whereby I used it for my laptop. The room was well lit due to the large panel window and it faces a tall building. One of the things which I love the most of the room is the plentiful amount of sockets! They even provide quite a few USB ports. I recalled having them on both sides of the bed as well as the wall nearby to the office desk. If you had forgotten your phone adapter at home, fret not. As long as you have the cable with you, the USB ports would be your life savior.

All rooms came equipped with this handy phone which you could bring out of the hotel room when exploring the city. It comes with Internet which you could use it for the map and free local call. I did not bring it out with me as I could not figure out how to use it. I did not bother to learn either as I have a local SIM with me at the time.

Verdict: Having said earlier, Carlton Hotel is definitely one of the best hotels which I had stayed in by far. I love the convenience of location of the hotel. Carlton Hotel is easily reached with two nearest MRT stations – City Hall and Bras Basah. However, I personally think City Hall would be nearer despite not trying out the other station. But according to the street information, Bras Basah Station is located 250m from the hotel main entrance.

Carlton Hotel is located just across Raffles City with plenty of food nearby. Lots of bus stops located in within walking distance from the hotel which could bring you to lots of places if unreachable by the MRT. They have CHJMES which is located right across the hotel whereby you get quite a numbers of mid to high end Japanese restaurants. They have Toast Box too if you fancy some local fares.

The room rate per night was about S$293.20 but I redeemed with part of my Agoda points. I paid less than S$200 per night. It was S$40 cheaper when I first checked the room rate but the price increased on the day when I booked the room for real. The room was not cheap but it was definitely a comfortable stay for me.

Carlton Hotel
76 Bras Basah Road,
Tel: +65-63388333


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