Review: Buddy’s Kitchen

Jia, Eldie and I had breakfast together this morning. Jia’s MIL is staying with them over the weekend. So, she could take care of baby Leia while Jia hangs out with us in the morning. I asked if they wanted to try Food Messenger but both declined me. Jia came up with the idea of trying out Buddy’s Kitchen as friends of hers highly recommended the newly established home based Cantonese restaurant.

Jia’s parents tried out Buddy’s Kitchen yesterday morning and they mentioned about the limited dining tables and slow serving time. So, Jia and I decided to try the said restaurant for ourselves and see if it lives up to the expectations of the claims.

As much as I know, Buddy’s Kitchen is a family run home based restaurant located in a residential area. Parking did not seem like a problem to me but dining area is pretty limited in the restaurant with only five tables. We were lucky to be able to secure a table as soon as we arrived. They have different “Everyday’s Special” available on first come first serve basis.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for breakfast this morning!

As I had forgotten to bring with me my breakfast beverage, I resorted to ordering this Teh C with less sugar as I had been cutting down on coffees. Honestly speaking, this was probably the worst Teh C I had ever drank. I think the instant 3in1 packets would be better. It tasted bland and the tea bag had not been dissolved long enough for the flavor to come out.

Sesame Ball | B$1 (each)

Their Sesame Ball comes with different fillings but we got ours with taro fillings. We were expecting taro dough with peanuts fillings. Surprisingly enough, I did not find the filling tasting like taro but purple sweet potato. The filling did not have the aroma of taro.

Ham Sui Kok | B$1.20 (each)

We ordered a piece of their Ham Sui Kok to try and Jia ordered three pieces as takeaways for her family. Their Ham Sui Kok did not leave me with much impression. According to Jia, she finds the fillings lacking and it did not taste like the standard Ham Sui Kok.

Siu Mai | B$2

Century Egg Siu Mai | B$2.50

Porridge | B$4

Jia had their Porridge and she quite liked it. However, she mentioned that the porridge tasted bland and she had to add some soy sauce and white pepper powder. I had two spoonfuls of the porridge and I liked that it had an extremely smooth texture but I did not like the peanuts which came within. Perhaps this is Cantonese version of porridge that we are not accustomed to?

Kolo Mee | B$2

Eldie and I had their Kolo Mee. I liked the texture of their noodles but Eldie found it rather overcooked for his liking. The only thing which I did not like about this Kolo Mee was the sauce. It was too salty that I had to neutralize the saltiness with the soup. I requested for pickled chilies and only to find that they did not have it but cut chilies. I think pickled chilies could also neutralize the saltiness.

Pork Rib Steamed Rice with Salted Fish | B$3.50

I think this was the only dish the three of us favored the most. It came with Chinese waxed sausages, cubed salted fish, mushroom, pork ribs and soy sauce rice. I tried a couple of pork ribs with some rice and it was good for me.

Verdict: The food were hit and miss for me. I had seen and heard positive comments of their food but I do have to say that this is all subjective to personal preferences. All I can say is that different people have different taste buds.

Buddy’s Kitchen
No: 6, Simpang: 40-8,
Jalan Sungai Akar,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8883671/+673-8678558


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