Review: Chua Café, Miri

I was in Miri yesterday with Mom and a colleague from work. As we had a medical appointment in the afternoon, we decided to head down early in the morning to avoid traffic congestion (despite there was none on a weekday). We set out from home at 6:10AM and picked up my colleague approximately 10 minutes later only to find that she was not ready yet.

By the time we set out for Miri, it was about 6:30AM and we reached Miri about 10 minutes to 9AM. The journey was a smooth one as there were not much heavy duty vehicles on the road. Custom officers were being cautious and attentive yesterday as I was requested to open up the car boot for inspection on both journeys. As we were not carrying any liquor, there was nothing to worry about.

Chua Café is one of the listed café to try in our chat logs. Marina ParkCity can be pretty quiet in the morning as majority restaurants/bistros open from late afternoon to early dawn. Choices are limited in the area for breakfast.

酸甜竹卷 | RM3.80

I ordered Glutinous Sticky Rice but it was sold out. So, the waiter recommended me their Sweet & Sour. I have a soft spot for dim sum made with beancurd skin. The filling was good for me but the gravy was sweet to the core. There was no hint of sourness at all despite being named Sweet & Sour.

芋头排骨 | RM3.80

There was nothing much to rave about this dim sum. The only thing which I liked was the tenderness of the pork ribs. To be honest, I did not see any yam in it. Did you see any?

Roasted Duck Noodle | RM6.50

Roasted Pork Noodle | RM6.50

Mom and I shared this. We ordered Roasted Pork Kolo Mee but was being informed that they were out of the local noodle and the only ones available were rice vermicelli and Hong Kong noodle. We opted for the latter. The flavor of the noodle was well balanced for me but Mom found them to be rather bland.

Verdict: Food were okay in my opinion and I do not mind returning to try out some of their other bestselling ones. I wanted to try their Custard Bun but Mom was not keen. I honestly think that their customer service needed some improvements. I thought it was my own personal opinion until Mom commented that some of the staffs looked rather glum apart from a tall waitress who looked cheery to me.

Chua Café
Lot 2015,
Marina ParkCity,
Tel: +6-085326811


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