08082017 / Ajisen Ramen, Miri

My idea of lunch place for the day was Taiwan Cafe located around Boulevard area as per recommendation by one of my Mirian friends. However, I chose to ask another Mirian friend for his opinion prior to going. According to my friend, Taiwan Cafe has more choices for fried snacks than main course. After hearing such comment, I decided not to try out the place as Mom could not eat much fried food.

It suddenly struck me to bring her to Ajisen Ramen as Sister once told me that Mom loves pork broth ramen and the only place which serves the kind of ramen she likes is Ajisen Ramen. We did a bit of grocery shopping at Boulevard Hypermarket before heading to Ajisen Ramen. It was raining when we were about to exit the building. Thankfully, we came prepared with umbrellas.

Cha-Su Ramen | RM16.85

Mom and my colleague shared this bowl of Cha-Su Ramen as my colleague said she was still full with the coffee and cake from Cake Rush.

Curry Tonkatsu Set | RM16.85

I had this for myself as I do not feel like having ramen. You can choose between pork or chicken for this dish and green tea came complimentary with this rice dish set. All in all, this was a tummy filling dish but I find the pork cutlets to be overcooked in my opinion.

Verdict: The customer service was good in my opinion. My colleague was sweating buckets when we were there. I think their air-condition was not functioning properly or they did not switch on all units.

There was a leakage in the female washroom. I felt water dripping onto my head while in the toilet and only to find that there was a leakage on top of my head. I had given my feedback while paying for my food. The Cashier apologized and she informed me that she will make sure that the leakage in the washroom will be sorted out.

P/S: All prices are inclusive of GST charges.

Ajisen Ramen
Lot 2410, Ground Floor,
Boulevard Commercial Centre,
Block 5, MLCD,
98000, Miri,
Tel: +6-085413292

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