14082017 / Sui Heng Restaurant

Parents left for Limbang early last Monday morning for their annual body checkup. As they were required to fast before they got their blood drawn, they left the house without having breakfast. So, I told Mom not to prepare my breakfast as I could head out earlier and get my breakfast sorted outside. I intended to go Tien Sing Restaurant but settled with Sui Heng Restaurant instead since it is nearby my workplace.

Pork Stuffed Beancurd Rolls

My favorite go to dim sum dish whenever possible. This was good as the pork filling was generous. There was not much flavor in the broth but it was a lot better than the 酸甜竹卷 which I had from Chua Café last week.

Kuching Laksa

I am not much of a regular Laksa person as compared to Vegetarian Laksa. I was craving for something hot and soupy on that particular morning. To be honest, I think this was only average. I think I will go for their Fried Mee Hoon next time as my colleagues said the one which I ordered for them was good.

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