Of Random Things #113

I had completed watching My Sassy Girl 2017 before I sleep yesterday and it took me almost a month to complete watching it this time round. But in my defense, I had also been watching other Korean and Cantonese drama series at the same time.

If you remember, I had previously mentioned that I broke the SanDisk iXpand while on the way back to Brunei from Singapore. I was having trouble transferring drama series into my iPad back then due to iTunes problem.

So, I got Sister to get another new one for me from Taobao and it was way cheaper than what I was paying in Brunei. I paid B$82 for 64GB previously but I now got double the storage capacity but at the same price!

I contemplated whether to get a new one or not in the beginning. But thankfully, Sister found out that it was way cheaper to purchase from China since the one I bought from Netcom previously was also made in China.

Love, timeless

There were quite a few Taiwanese productions made in the year of 2017 whereby they engaged new actors and actresses which we are not so familiar of. This was one of them. I managed to download the series in high resolution and I still had three episodes pending in download due to seeding issues.


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