Review: BAKE 250°C

We are starting to have new food eateries in town again after slowing down for quite some time. I had just found out that a new cafe – Coco Cafe is soft opening today. I had heard of it from my hairstylist last Sunday. As I am drinking less coffees nowadays, my choices of beverage are limited to hot chocolate and Chai Tea Latte whenever cafe hopping.

Anyways, Jennifer and I tried out BAKE 250°C yesterday evening after our unsuccessful attempt last Sunday afternoon. We intended to go there for high tea after our pampering session at the salon but we changed our mind after the embarrassing incident which Jennifer had earlier. LOL! BAKE 250°C is located on the exact unit as the previous The Frenz Café in Kiulap or the same row as Little Audrey’s Café.

The place looked more spacious in layout as compared to when it was still occupied by The Frenz Café. The place was brightly lit which makes photography easier. Without further ado, let’s get started with the food pictures!

Fresh Orange & Carrot Juice | B$3.50

As I was trying to eat as clean as possible, I resorted to getting myself a fruit juice since it was stated fresh on the menu. I expected their juice to be freshly squeezed kind so I asked if they could get me Orange & Carrot Juice instead. They agreed but at an additional cost of 50 cents which was fine by me.

The moment when I took the first sip of my Fresh Orange & Carrot Juice, I was instantly surprised that it tasted so sweet for a freshly squeezed juice. I thought they must have added some sugar syrup. However, they tasted more like canned fresh orange juice after a few more sips and I did not taste anything carrot in it either. I only had a few sips in total before giving up completely.

Rose Tea | B$3

Grilled Chicken Wrap | B$6.90

Both Jennifer and I agreed that we will each order ourselves a main course so that we can share. She ordered this while I ordered the following. We were contemplating between this or Mexican Chicken Wrap. We resorted to Grilled Chicken Wrap in the end. It was surprisingly good but the filling was slightly wet though. The fries were seasoned but soggy.

Baked Vegetable Pesto Penne | B$8.90

If you had been following my food entries regularly, you might have caught up that I am a fan of pesto dishes. And of course, I would not miss this and moreover it was baked with vegetables. The pesto sauce was strong in taste, unsuitable for those who do not like basil leaves.

The sauce was sautéed with garlic to give more flavoring which I personally thought was customized to local preferences. However, the only downside of this dish was the penne. They were overcooked. The entire dish would be perfect if the penne were not overcooked.

Verdict: The customer service was good in my opinion. However, I do think that their staffs were rather inexperienced with their menu. As mentioned earlier, both Jennifer and I were contemplating between Grilled Chicken Wrap and Mexican Chicken Wrap. So, we asked the waiter who attended to us the difference between both. He was unable to give us a straight answer so he went back to consult his colleagues.

Another guy whom I presumed to be one of their chefs based on his work attire took over our orders from the waiter. We prodded the same question again and only to be left with no answer of the difference between Grilled Chicken Wrap and Mexican Chicken Wrap. To be honest, I have no complaint about their customer service at all. They were polite and friendly. I just thought that they should be well knowledgeable of the food which they have on their menu. However, I do not mind returning to try out their other dishes.

BAKE 250°C
Unit 13, Block A,
Ground Floor, Kiulap Complex,
Simpang: 88,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2233441


2 thoughts on “Review: BAKE 250°C

  1. hi. Just a quick note to clarify on the juice tht u ordered. We are using fresh fruits for our juices, never and will not be using canned juices in any circumstances. Normally We did add half a tablespoon of sugar syrup to adjust the taste, unless the customer specify ‘no sugar’. The type of machine we used is slow juicer. My waiter did use 2 oranges and 1 whole carrot for the mix juices that u ordered. I am sorry this happen.

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