Review: All Time Delights

I had wanted to bring parents for breakfast at All Time Delights this morning but Dad decided that he wanted to stay in. So, he had breakfast at home instead while Mom and I headed out for breakfast.

All Time Delights is one of the latest launch of eatery in Brunei in collaboration with Paddington House of Pancakes. In short, you can enjoy Halal Kolo Mee with Western touch of breakfasts at the same time. If you are wondering where is this All Time Delights, it is located in the same premise as Paddington House of Pancakes of Berakas branch.

Without further ado, let me show you what both Mom and I had for breakfast this morning …

All Time Delights is currently on soft opening stage. I am pretty sure they will come with an extensive menu in due time.

Trio Chiffon Cake | B$3.00

I am not someone who would go for old school cakes whenever having desserts outside. I used to bake chiffon cakes at home but this combination fascinated me. The sponge layers were soft and spongy but sweet. The layers of chiffon cakes were sandwiched with fruit jam, making the entire cake even sweeter.

Nasi Panggang | B$0.70

Nasi Panggang is also known as Pulut Panggang. Pulut in English was glutinous rice. It is a Malay or Nonya cuisine, filled with chili shrimp paste as fillings wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.

I over ordered and we ended up not able to finish. So, we brought this back home as takeaway and I only managed to get a bite. The filling was pretty good but slightly spicy.

Kolo Mee Special | B$5.00

kolo mee, charsiu sauce, minced chicken, charsiu & chicken crackling

This was for Mom. When I first asked her how she likes her Kolo Mee Special, she mentioned that the charsiu and noodle were good. According to her, the charsiu weren’t dry for chicken breast.

When she found out that it was 5 bucks per bowl, she commented that it was ordinary bowl of Kolo Mee. LOL! But all in all, I can say that it was a good as my colleagues said the same thing too.

Kolo Mee Special | B$6.00

kolo mee, original sauce & chicken chop

I on the other hand went for original sauce instead of charsiu sauce with chicken chop as topping. I liked the noodles but maybe not so much for the chicken chop. The chicken chop were okay but I think they were a little bit heavy to go with the noodles. I am very likely to go for their minced chicken next time.

Nasi Lemak | B$6.00

As Dad did not tag along for breakfast, I ordered a Nasi Lemak for him and he had it for lunch. I did managed to have a small spoonful of the rice before heading out to meet San Diann and Shew Hiang for lunch at Sarang Korean Restaurant.

The Nasi Lemak came with a piece of deep fried chicken wing, peanuts, anchovies, crackers, sambal paste, sunny side up, few slices of cucumbers and coconut rice. The crackers weren’t crispy anymore as per Mom and the coconut rice had a distinctive taste of lemongrass.

All Time Delights
Unit 3 & 4, Simpang: 58,
Jalan Berakas, Kampung Serusop,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara 9Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2331668

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