21082017 / Sarang Korean Restaurant

As Clara went Labuan over the weekend to visit her fiancé in Labuan, I met up with San Diann and Shew Hiang for lunch. As usual, we are always indecisive when it comes to choosing a venue. We have a few new eateries in town recently but we decided to go for our local favorite. San Diann is always okay with anything we choose. Shew Hiang too but she prefers Western savories this time round.

I on the other hand was craving for Korean cuisine, especially Japchae and fried Mandu. Shew Hiang went for movie in the morning and she arrived slightly past 1PM. The waitress kept on coming back to us to inform that their kitchen will be closing at 1:30PM. So, we decided to order something simple so that we can have extra tummy space for desserts later on.

These were the complimentary Banchan that came with when we ordered a main course. We had bittergourd, beansprouts, chicken hotdog, anchovies, white radish and preserved kimchi. My favorite of them all was the preserved kimchi and we requested for a refill. The hotdog was extremely spicy.

Daebak Chicken Tteok Bbok Gi | B$30

tteok bbok gi, kimbap, noodle, fried boneless chicken and fried mandu

This basically had what we wanted to eat in a plate altogether. However, I find their Kimbap not as good as before. The fried Mandu were as good as I remembered. The main highlight of this dish was of course the Tteok Bbok Gi which the three of us agreed was too sweet to handle. We were expecting a sweet and yet spicy version of Tteok Bbok Gi.

The noodle which came with the dish was presumably instant ramen noodles. Surprisingly enough, we quite like the texture of the ramen noodle. It had a springy and chewy texture. The fried chicken were okay but I am not a fan of chicken breast. It would have been nicer if they used the flesh from the chicken thigh. As the sauce was too sweet, we had to eat it with the preserved kimchi to neutralize the sweetness.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this unless you like having a sweet version of Tteok Bbok Gi. We concluded that this dish had been improvised to cater the local taste and preference. We only managed to finish the sides but not the Tteok Bbok Gi.

Sarang Korean Restaurant had expanded in terms of the size of the restaurant. They had taken up the next unit and therefore are able to cater bigger crowd at a time as compared to before. I think they had also expanded their menu options too as I had seen food dishes which I had never seen on the menu previously.

Sarang Korean Restaurant
Unit 6, Block J,
Batu Bersurat,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8607830

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