Review: Laneige Clear C Peeling Serum

San Diann, Clara and I will be meeting for dinner tonight at Coco Cafe. It is one of the newest eatery that we have here in town. Both San Diann and Clara had been to Coco Cafe for dinner yesterday evening but they were nice enough to go with me tonight as I really wanted to try out the cafe. I think I had my eyes set on what to order.

As tomorrow’s blog entry will definitely be about food, I decided to do a skincare product review today so that you will not be bored of all the food blog entries. Seriously, I think I am quite scared at the rate that I am eating. My tummy seems to be getting bigger in size. Some said I could probably be suffering from bloating but I doubted so. I guess the only thing I could do right now is to cut down on wheat products and snacking as well.

Anyways, let’s not talk about food and concentrate on what I should be blogging for today. I bought myself this product along with Laneige Vitamin Brightening Cleansing Water some months ago when I needed some retail therapy.

My first intention was to get myself a tub of Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream but it was sold out. So, I grabbed this and the cleansing water instead without much convincing from the BA. Impulse purchase can be scary but the product worked well on my skin. So, all is good.

Laneige Clear C Peeling Serum

I had previously tried Laneige Clear-C Effector and it worked wonder on my skin and my instinct told me that this one would too. According to Laneige website, this product is a “daily care serum makes skin smooth and moisturized by removing dead skin cells with plant-derived malic acid and enzyme“. The main highlight of this product is to remove dead skin cells and leaves a smooth and moisturized skin.

The product is housed in a glass bottle with pump dispenser. Texture wise, it is lighter than the previous serum products which I have used. Despite thicker in texture, the consistency is lightweight in my opinion. The product is lightly fragrant. It does not smell like your regular Laneige Water Bank ranges of products but a subtle berry scent.

As this is a serum product, you have to use it after your regular lotion/toner or Laneige Clear C Advanced Effector (if you are using it at the same time). As I am not using the latter, I use this right after Kose Sekkisei Lotion as part of my night time skincare routine. I know that I am supposed to use this product twice a day for maximum efficiency. Despite that I only use this product once per day, I am satisfied of the result it had given me.

What I like about this product is that it gets absorbed onto my skin very quickly to which I could apply my night cream immediately. Having used this product for more than three months, I am extremely pleased with the outcome. I can see that my skin is brighter in complexion and a lot more moisturized as well.

1. A little goes a long way.
2. Lightly fragrant.
3. Lightweight, absorbs onto the skin quickly.
4. Skin is brighter in complexion and a lot more moisturized.

1. Product is housed in a glass bottle hence must be handled with care.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: B$44.90

Repurchase: Definitely!


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