29082017 / Buddy’s Kitchen

It was my day off today so I had breakfast with two fellow colleagues at Buddy’s Kitchen this morning. I had been to Buddy’s Kitchen with Jia and Eldie some time last month. We had neutral thoughts about their food. However, I decided to give them another try and brought my colleagues with me.

I skipped ordering beverages as they did not suit my taste bud previously and brought my own instead. Without further ado, let me show you what we had for breakfast this morning …

 凤爪 Chicken Feet | B$1.80

皮蛋卖 Century Egg Siu Mai | B$2.50

Do give their Century Egg Siu Mai a try as they were my favorite among the rest of the dim sum which they were serving. My colleagues too agreed that their Century Egg Siu Mai were good.

鲜竹卷 Beancurd Sheet Roll | B$2.00

糯米香菇鸡饭 Chicken Glutinous Rice with Mushroom | B$2.50

I quite like their Chicken Glutinous Rice with Mushroom but it was tad sweet for my liking. I finished it by myself as my colleagues weren’t so keen about glutinous rice.

手工板面 Handmade Pan Mian | B$4.00

My colleague had this and she gave me a small portion to try. I am not much of a Pan Mian person so I can’t say how much it fared for authenticity but I find the texture of the noodles too thick for my liking.

P/S: They were not serving pickled chilies the last time I went with Jia and Eldie but they have it now. My colleagues tried it and commented that they were good.

Buddy’s Kitchen
No: 6, Simpang: 40-8,
Jalan Sungai Akar,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8883671 / +673-8678558

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