Cooking Diary #40

It has been a while since the last time I blogged under this blog title. Looking back through my blog archive, it had been more than a year and that explained how rare I had been cooking all these time. Thinking back, I did cook a bit in between but they did not make it here. LOL!

These were what Dad and I had for lunch this afternoon. As Mom isn’t around for the week, I took over the responsibility to feed us both.

As I do not know how to cook eggplants with stir fry method, I decided to go for the easiest way which is to slice them into smaller portions and steam them. My colleagues often made this and brought to workplace to share over lunch. She taught me to sauté the chopped garlic with some cooking oil and drizzle them over the steamed eggplants. Pour some dark soy sauce as a final touch.

I had breakfast with my colleagues at Yang Seng Restaurant this morning. I intended to cook two dishes for lunch today but I did not manage to defrost the minced pork on time. So, I bought a roll of Ngor Hiang. It wasn’t good enough for my liking. The filling was rather floury and tasted sweet in my opinion.

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