Of Random Things #115

I woke up late this morning. My colleagues and I were supposed to meet at Tien Sing Restaurant for breakfast at 8:30AM and I woke up five minutes to 8AM. As it is the fifteenth day of lunar month July, I am a whole day vegetarian and so is Dad. It was a wonder to me why did my phone alarm not buzzing at the scheduled time.

I managed to cook, pack lunch, shower and get ready in within 35 minutes. I thought of canceling the whole breakfast arrangement but decided not to as I am not feeling up to eating bun again for breakfast. I set out from home some time about 8:35AM.

On my way to the said restaurant, a car behind me on the right lane almost turned turtle. I heard some screeching sound behind. At the time I looked through my driver’s side mirror to find the cause of the screeching, the car’s bonnet hit the road side metal with a bang. In short, I think I witnessed the entire accident scene through my driver’s side mirror.

This was my breakfast from yesterday, paired with a cup of breakfast milk. We had two Vegetarian Mushroom Buns leftover from last week and I heated them up over the rice cooker.

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