Cooking Diary #41

I did not get to eat out yesterday evening as Dad locked himself out of the house. So, I drove home straight after finishing work to let him into the house. I was starving at the time when I reached home. And guess what? Dad bought himself a drone to play with and to scare his “friends” at his farm behind our house.

We spent the first half an hour trying to figure why did the drone not ascending and it turned out that the toy was out of battery. So, we had to find ways to charge the gadget with the utensils provided. Sad to say, the toy came lacking of some utensils and we had to DIY ways to charge it. I managed to get it charged for an hour and a half. Dad resumed to play with his new toy while I resumed watching Love, Timeless on my iPad.

I managed to wake up on time this morning to make breakfast, cook and pack lunch for work! It was not much that I whipped up in within 40 minutes but at least it made me felt great thinking that I am eating healthier than eating processed food.

As I had been eating too much wheat products while Mom is away, I decided to eat clean this morning by stir frying a pack of baby spinach which I bought from Supa Save last Friday evening. Speaking of which, I still have a punnet of cherry tomatoes in the fridge.

Preserved Turnip Omelette

It took me quite some time to cook this as I did not want to burn the omelette. I used low heat to pan fry the omelette and managed to get the slightly dry but crispy edges.

Steamed Eggplants with Garlic & Soy Sauce

I made the same thing again this morning as I still had a few eggplants left. I think I am going to make the same thing again on Friday to finish up the leftovers in the fridge. It was relatively easy to make. And importantly, it was time saving to prepare.

2 thoughts on “Cooking Diary #41

  1. Wow! Eggplants. I wish I know how to eat them. I will have the feeling to vomit if I try to eat one. Haha I love to cook omelette with onions and pork slices, using non stick pan with the electromagnetic stove. But you are good at cooking. Until now, I don’t even know how to cook baby spinach or even cook rice. My mum said I am too young and I still got time.

    • I am not much of an eggplant person before but I grew to like it depending on how they were cooked.

      My mom liked to stir fry them with some dried shrimp paste but I like to eat it the easier way. The less hassle the better so I chose to steam them.

      Thanks for the compliment but I did mess up some food dishes before especially after having not cooked for quite some time.

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