Cooking Diary #43

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I had gotten myself a new kitchen toy. It was a Mayer airFryer. As Mom has yet returned from Kuching, I decided to cook at home instead of ordering takeaways. When Mom is not around, I usually buy dinner from restaurants on Sunday as I find cooking a hassle sometimes especially the preparation of ingredients and washing up.

Without further ado, let me show you my new kitchen toy!

This is the Mayer airFryer which I talked about earlier on. Mayer is a Singaporean brand if you are wondering. I got it for B$99 at Intracorp when the original retail price was B$199. The offer was only available last Friday and Saturday but Intracorp now has another warehouse sales for Philips Airfryer whereby they are selling it for B$169 when the original retail price was about B$229 previously.

I made Sweet & Sour Pork as my maiden journey with the airFryer. It was pretty successful if you may ask apart from the meat being tough. LOL! Taste wise, it was pretty close to the real deal but lacking the “wok hei” that you always get when ordering in restaurants.

In the process of making the sweet and sour sauce. Love the colorful sight in my cooking pan. I had added pineapple chunks as well but they were not in the picture.

Presenting to you the fruit of my labor! As I whipped up quite a big portion for two, I packed some and brought to workplace for my colleagues to try and I am not sure if their denture can withstand the toughness of my pork meat. LOL! I wondered what caused the meat to be so tough. Perhaps I did not use enough cornstarch to tenderize the meat?

I stir fried a plate of Chye Sim too so that it will not be a meat dish only. I had been trying to lower down the usage of seasoning powder, MSG and oyster sauce as much as I could. The few seasonings which I used for this dish were light soy sauce and black pepper powder.

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