Cooking Diary #44

Today is the last day whereby I will cook and pack for lunch myself. Mom had returned from Kuching this morning and I guess she will be taking over the kitchen duties from tomorrow? LOL! Anyways, I intended to attempt air-frying some chicken drumsticks tomorrow morning.

Remember the Sweet & Sour Pork which I made yesterday? My colleagues had given me feedback. Both commented that the pork was too tough. One of them suggested that I should have pounded the meat before marinating to tenderize the meat and another colleague told me that I got the wrong cut for the meat. She said that I should go for pork shoulder cut. Duly noted and I will attempt the recipe again next time with the said suggestions.

Mom had complained that I cooked too much meat today. In my defense, I did not. Dad took out the leftover meat which I cooked last Saturday from the fridge and heated it up as one of the lunch dishes. I only made two dishes this morning.

Stir Fry White Onion with Soy Sauce

This is a dish which a colleague of mine taught me. It was easy to make and tasted great too. However, I hate that slicing up the white onions make me go all teary. I would avoid making this unless I am really craving for it (or I’ll just ask my colleague to make it sometimes). I fried some tiny anchovies too and they ended up burnt for leaving them on the heat for too long.

Pan Fried Ngor Hiang

I bought five rolls of Ngor Hiang from one of my colleagues’ mom last week and it came all the way from Kuching. I pan fried them with some eggs. I intended to airfry them to save trouble but I was too afraid of messing them up. So, I played safe and pan fried them instead.

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