Of Random Things #116

Despite I had purchased a Mayer airFryer last Friday, I haven’t been utilizing it much apart from making Sweet & Sour Pork and Airfried Chicken Drumsticks. However, I do have an idea in mind of what I am going to attempt with it over the weekend. I intended to attempt Airfried Buttermilk Crispy Chicken. If all goes well, I will make them when I visit Sister in Singapore next month. I managed to persuade Sister to get a Mayer airFryer for her kitchen as well.

However, I think the agenda of my next Singapore trip would be more kitchen related. Sister bought herself a bread maker from Shanghai before she moved to Singapore. She requested me to bake her a Gluten Free Bread and she will have some of the ingredients ready before I arrive Singapore. She even Google-d for recipes which I don’t think is necessary as I had attempted a recipe before.

Anyways, let’s not talk about food anymore. I had finally completed Love, Timeless last Sunday. The ending was pretty touching to be honest despite I had known how the ending would go even before I completed the series. I have the habit of ending’s searching from Wikipedia. LOL!

The King of Romance

I am currently watching The King of Romance. The storyline sounded rather boring when I looked it up on Wikipedia but it was surprisingly funny and yet addictive at the same time. I had been trying to catch up with the Taiwanese series which I had downloaded rather than watching Korean ones all the time.

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