12092017 / Amsarra Shawarma, Little Soho

Jennifer and I tried out Amsarra Shawarma located at Little Soho after much recommendation from her brother. I had first seen Amsarra Shawarma at Airport Mall and I thought it serves Malay cuisine. Little did I know that it is a restaurant serving mixed cuisines from the Middle Eastern countries.

To be honest, we quite like what we had the other day and I am more than tempted to give them another try with their other dishes. However, I will be patronizing their main branch at Airport Mall instead as it is closer from workplace and home. LOL! Both Jennifer and I went for the basics and ordered two wraps to share.

Chicken Oz Rolled Grilled Shawarma | B$4

We ordered ourselves each a wrap and shared to have a taste test of both. I ordered the chicken version. The filling was extremely generous in my opinion. It was filled with loads of shredded vegetables and ground chicken meat, topped with a salad dressing. I am not sure what was the salad dressing which they used but I am pretty sure it is not the usual dressing for our regular salad. It tasted slightly sour. Perhaps a yogurt dressing?

Lamb Oz Rolled Grilled Shawarma | B$5

I am not sure whether Jennifer ordered the regular Lamb or Lamb Kofta. However, I believed that it was the former which she ordered. The lamb meat were tender and juicy enough for my liking. However, the lamb did have a “raw” taste which I am not a fan of. That being said, I am still satisfied with their Lamb Oz Rolled Grill Shawarma.

Little Soho has a modern and artistically designed restroom. Period. The entire building smelled pungent of paint. It would be temporary as the contractors are still finishing the other side of the building.

Amsarra Shawarma
First Floor, Block B,
Little Soho,
Batu Bersurat,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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