Of Random Things #118

I intended to eat clean this morning but Mom made me fried rice with the leftover rice which I didn’t eat after coming home from work yesterday evening. I ate a bit prior to leaving workplace because they were serving Salted Egg Fried Chicken. I ate two pieces along with a huge slab of steamed pumpkin leftover from lunch. So, I only drank half a bowl of winter melon soup which Mom left for me.

Fried Brown Rice with sliced long beans, egg and a small piece of fish cake. The fish cake was an add-on. Mom pan fried some for lunch. I thought they were fish paste when I brought them home but they turned out to be fish cakes. To be honest, they were quite hard to chew. Dad even commented that perhaps his dentures would not be able to sustain the toughness. LOL!

While Mom was away in hometown earlier this month, I stir fried some yellow noodles with eggs and a few bunches of Chye Sim. I am not much of a fan for yellow noodles but I was craving for some that day. So, I bought a small portion from the supermarket just enough for two with a little bit to spare. It was not bad for a first attempt but I think I overcooked the Chye Sim.

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