01102017 / Genki Teppanyaki & Restaurant

Mom and I went out for dinner on Sunday evening after coming back from Miri. We intended to order some takeaways after lunch but decided that we would eat out since Mom wanted to get some errands done at the bank. She needed to go Baiduri Bank so I chose the Times Square branch since there were quite a number of food places inside the shopping mall.

After having our errands done at Baiduri Bank, we headed for dinner. I suggested All Seasons Restaurant as Mom is more of a Chinese cuisine person than any other cuisines. However, she declined the suggestion. So, I suggested Excapade Sushi instead which she happily agreed. Unfortunately, the queue outside Excapade Sushi was long.

I was already starving at the time so off we headed to Genki Teppanyaki & Restaurant as it was the only Japanese restaurant after Excapade Sushi in the area. I think Mom liked Genki better than Excapade Sushi. LOL! There weren’t much rice dishes to choose from at Genki. I remembered they were serving Tori Katsu Don previously but it was no longer available on the menu. I wonder if it was only available upon request.

Takoyaki (Original) | B$1.80

Takoyaki was one of their recent menu addition. They were serving it in five different flavors – spicy, wasabi, original, goma and carpacio. A portion comes in three pieces. I was intrigued to try the spicy flavor but Mom is not much of a spicy eater. So, I went for the safest option which was the original. The texture of the Takoyaki was good enough for my liking but the squid filled inside was rather tough though.

Scallop Teppan Set | B$9.80

Mom had this since there weren’t much options which she could choose from the menu. I suggested Salmon Teppan Set but she wasn’t keen. She chose Scallop Teppan Set and commented that the stir fry vegetables was good but the scallops were tough.

Chicken Teppan Set | B$7.80

I had Chicken Teppan Set so that I could share some with Mom. The stir fry vegetables were as good as Mom commented. You could choose between two different sauces for the meat – teriyaki or black pepper. I remembered having the latter on my first visit and I didn’t like it. So, I had teriyaki this time round and it was good.

All Teppan set came with complimentary Miso soup and fruit slices. The Miso soup was as good as I remembered.

Genki Teppanyaki & Restaurant
38, Ground Floor,
Citis Square,
Mukim Berakas A,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2332118

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