Of Random Things #119

It is my third day in Singapore and we will be heading to Johore Bahru (JB) tomorrow morning for a day trip via private car transport. We will be meeting Annie and she had planned us food hunting along with JPO visit. We went out for early dinner this evening and it was 7PM by the time we got our dinner. Most of the famous restaurants in Vivo City required queuing. So, we chose one which we would be seated immediately.

Anyways, I had finally finished watching School 2017 early this week. I couldn’t find any Korean drama series which caught my fancy despite I had downloaded quite an amount. So, I transferred both Criminal Minds and Man to Man to my iPad. This is not the American version of Criminal Minds that we are talking about but the Korean version. There will be a Korean version of Suits next year.

Criminal Minds

Man to Man


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