10102017 / Singapore Oct’2017

Today is my last full day in Singapore before I am ending this long weekend getaway tomorrow. I met up with Andrea for lunch nearby her workplace so that she could pass me the Elizabeth Arden products which she helped me buy. I took the bus service home from her workplace and it took me an hour to reach home.

Andrea suggested a few eateries nearby her workplace and one of the few were Tim Ho Wan and Din Tai Fung which I am not so interested. So, she suggested Carol Mel Cafe which according to her is the only food place which serves cafe food in the area.

1 Irving Place #01-30, The Commerze @ Irving, Singapore 369546

French Style Roast Chicken | S$15

French marinated roast (1/2) chicken, served with house fries or garden greens

 Ah Gong Style Roast Pork Rice Bowl | S$15

fresh house roasted pork, stir-fried roasted pork belly with dark soy sauce, onions and caramelized sugar and onsen egg

I had this and it was good despite it came with lots of the fatty meats. The fresh house roasted pork was good but I find it lacking flavors for roasted pork. The skin was well done. The caramelized pork with onions was good too and I loved the caramelized onions!

Andrea dropped by Sister’s place after work as she missed out a set of Elizabeth Arden products in the afternoon. It took her almost an hour to reach from her workplace. Well, it took me the same time too in the afternoon as we both took the same bus. As she came directly from work without having dinner, we left some dinner for her and went out for desserts thereafter.

2 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150002

I suggested Creamier Gilman Barracks but they closes at 9PM on weekdays and it was about 8:30PM by the time we are leaving Sister’s place. Andrea Google-d and we came by this gelato place called Geometry which was within walking distance from Sister’s place.

Unlike Creamier Gilman Barracks, Geometry is located in a residential block just like majority brunch cafes in Singapore. The cafe wasn’t packed at the time we arrived, probably because it was a weekday.

Double Scoops | S$5.50

Sister had double scoops of gelato in a cup. After trying multiple flavors, she got herself Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin and Dark Chocolate Truffle. The former tasted pretty good but I honestly preferred Earl Grey Lavender from Creamier Gilman Barracks. Sister found their Dark Chocolate Truffle not bitter enough for her liking.

Handcrafted Tart with Single Scoop | S$9.90

Andrea and I went for their Handcrafted Tart with Single Scoop. Their handcrafted tart was pretty good I must say but it can get pretty sweet after some time especially when paired with the gelato. The crust was crunchy with a soft and buttery center filling.

As for the gelato, I had Black Forest while Andrea had hers with Little Nonya. Sister liked Black Forest more than Dark Chocolate Truffle as the it tasted bitter enough for her liking. Little Nonya however tasted like Gula Melaka. Sister highly recommended Andrea to try Sea Salt Gula Melaka from Creamier.

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