09102017 / Johor Bahru Day Trip Pt. 2

This would be the last installment of my Johor Bahru (JB) day trip which took place early this week. As mentioned in my previous blog entry, we hired a private car service to bring us to JB from Singapore on a day trip. We met up with Annie and she brought us to try the local fares as well as some shopping.

Our last stop in JB before returning to Singapore was Johor Premium Outlets or JPO in short. We spent rather crazily at Bath & Body Works and it was the only store in JPO which we spent the longest time in. Honestly speaking, I don’t think their prices were any cheaper than their stores in malls. We had never been to any Bath & Body Works in Malaysia so we had nothing to compare. Half of our Bath & Body Works hauls were gifts for a close friend.

We had some light snacks from I Love Yoo! located inside the Food Court of JPO. We rested a bit as both Sister and I were rather tired from all the walking. I think age had seriously caught up on us. I used to be okay with shopping but I guess it wasn’t the case anymore? LOL!

We “attacked” a few other stores after resting and it was almost time for dinner. There was an array of cuisines available at JPO. One of them was Absolute Thai which I was tempted to try. I don’t think Mom would be up for it as Thai food could be too spicy for her. So, Annie suggested Chinese cuisine so that it would be more tummy friendly for us since we will be on the road for the next one hour.

Suite #2000, Johor Premium Outlets, Jalan Premium Outlets, Indahpura, 81000, Kulai Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Stir Fried French Beans with Pu Er | RM16.90

We ordered this to share among the four of us. Annie was tempted to try as she found it fascinating that French beans to be cooked with Pu Er tea leaves. The French beans were stir fried with Pu Er leaves and some minced pork. It tasted pretty ordinary to me but the Pu Er leaves indeed added a little bit of flavors.

Sesame Oil Chicken Mee Suah | RM15.90

This was what I had for dinner at Souper Tang. The soup was aromatic enough with sesame oil but the ginger slices weren’t mature enough to make the soup spicy. The meat portion was extremely generous but they served chicken breasts. I think I only had a piece and left the rest untouched. There was a sunny side up hidden inside the soup.

Fish Porridge with Dried Scallop | RM13.90

Braised Pork with Black Sesame Buns | RM18.90

Annie highly recommended us their Braised Pork with Black Sesame Buns. She sung praises of their Black Sesame Buns for the fluffy texture. However, we were disappointed when it was being served on our table. The buns didn’t look any fluffy to us and they indeed didn’t have the fluffy texture which Annie sang praises for. The braised pork was acceptable but the buns were definitely a let down.

So, this summed up my day trip to Johor Bahru. It would have been nicer if we were able to cover a few cafes in JB. However, please do take note that it is not advisable to cafe hop in JB on Monday as some of them are closed on every Monday. One of my top few cafes to try in JB was Bev C but it was closed on every Monday.

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