15102017 / Games & Lattes

After dinner at Jazz Bar & Grill, we went for desserts. Chee Fun was saying that the Crunchy Speculoos gelato from Rumah Gelato is good. I had been wanting to try the gelato from Rumah Gelato but I find the portion slightly too much for my own consumption. So, I decided to wait until I am going with a food partner. Perhaps I should wait until Jennifer is back from her holiday?

We were disappointed to find that they ran out of Crunchy Speculoos at the time we were at Rumah Gelato. I tried their Green Thai Milk Tea and found it too sweet for my liking. Shew Hiang then suggested that maybe we could try Games & Lattes as she remembered that they serve ice-creams from Happy Cream & Co. They had recently established their own ice-cream parlor at The Mall.

Vanilla | B$2.80 / Matcha & Tea Latte | B$3.30 (per scoop)

After much interrogation from us at the staffs of Games & Lattes whether their ice-creams were provided by Happy Cream & Co., we concluded that the chance was pretty high based on the flavors which they were offering. Shew Hiang remembered that they serve Salted Caramel flavor. Games & Lattes only had Vanilla, Matcha and Tea Latte at the time and we ordered all three flavors to share.

Vanilla is sold at B$2.80 per scoop while Matcha and Tea Latte are categorized under premium flavor and they are sold at B$3.30 per scoop. Vanilla flavor tasted ordinary. Matcha was good with an almost distinctive Matcha flavor but lacking the bittersweet taste. We loved Tea Latte the most. Tea Latte is literally the fancy pansy term of Teh-C that we are familiar with. If you love Teh-C, do give their Tea Latte a try!

We ended the gathering with a group picture. We should have taken a group picture at Jazz Bar & Grill but the rest commented that the lighting at the said restaurant ain’t that good. Hopefully, we will reunite again soon for another gathering after Clara comes back from her ROM and bridal studios search.

Games & Lattes
E9, Setia Kenangan 2,
Simpang: 150-5-13-18,
Kampung Kiulap, BE1518,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darusssalam
Tel: +673-2235200

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