Of Random Things #120

The weather had been bad recently so I resorted to staying home on most nights when I’m not working. I intended to dine out yesterday evening but I was too afraid that it would rain heavily at night. So, I went home after work and the weather turned out to be fantastic throughout the entire night. I could have gotten my ice-cream fix if I didn’t stay home. LOL! It’s okay, I could get my ice-cream fix next week.

I had finally completed watching Man to Man. It was good in my opinion despite I didn’t understand the political conflict storyline of the drama. I saved the Korean version of Criminal Minds in my iPad the same time as I saved Man to Man. However, my attention span for the former was short lived. I only managed two episodes before surrendering altogether. Perhaps I couldn’t understand the storyline well to enjoy?

Hospital Ship

My current to-watch drama series after Man to Man is Hospital Ship. The series has yet completed airing and it will take another two weeks or so. By the time I am done watching the episodes that I am having at the moment, the series should have ended airing by then.

Memory Love

This is one of the latest release of Taiwanese drama series to date. I had watched an episode chosen in random and I quite like it as compared to the other two Taiwanese drama series which are released about the same time. It is rather hard to find high resolution Taiwanese drama series nowadays. Thankfully, I managed to find them from the website which I frequent for my downloads.

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