Of Random Things #122

I managed to use up most of the remaining Internet quota for the month of October and downloaded another two Taiwanese drama series. To be honest, it’s not hard to find downloading websites for Taiwanese series but most of them aren’t in high definition format. I prefer them to be at least 720P in resolution. If you guys have any source of downloading high definition Taiwanese dramas, please do let me know!

Someone Like You


I had previously downloaded this series when it was first aired but in 480P format which I wasn’t at all fond of.  Despite that I had downloaded the series at the time when it was aired, I didn’t watch it and only saved it in my external hard disk for future use. LOL!

I am currently on the last few episodes of Hospital Ship and the series is surprisingly so much nicer than what I expected. The series has it’s funny moments but there are some heart wrenching moments too.

I recommended the series to Sister but she is unable to watch the series from her XiaoMi box as China blocked majority Korean drama series. Guess she can only wait till the next time she comes home. I left an external hard disk with stored with loads of drama series but I don’t think she has the time and luxury to watch all of them.

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