12112017 / Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe

Jennifer and I met for lunch yesterday afternoon as I wanted to pass her the wedding gifts Sister and I got her. As usual, it is always a difficult task trying choosing a venue. She suggested Spoonfull Restaurant as she’s considering taking up catering service from them. Unfortunately, Spoonfull Restaurant was booked for private event yesterday.

We ended up going Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe as per recommendation from Jia. According to their Instagram profile, the cafe is currently going through reconstruction. The cafe was empty at the time we walked in. Perhaps we have missed the lunch rush? They are serving quite a variety of Nonya delicacies but Jennifer and I decided to try out their mains before deciding on the delicacies. Jia highly recommended me their Pulut Panggang but it was sold out by then.

3 Sours | B$2.30 

Yin Yang | B$1.20

Jennifer ordered Yin Yang which came as a surprise to us as of how it was served. Instead of being served a milky version like the standard ones, the milk came served in a small stainless steel milk server. I think the purpose is to allow the patrons to pour in their desired amount of milk they want. Some like it milky while some don’t. I think Jennifer wasn’t very impressed with their Yin Yang.

Sarawak Laksa | B$5.00

I ordered their Sarawak Laksa as per high recommendation from Jia. The portion was rather small for the price. It came with two shrimps, thinly cut omelette, daun soup (or coriander) and rice vermicelli noodles. I requested for no beansprout if you are wondering why aren’t there any on my Sarawak Laksa.

The broth was well flavored and smooth from the coconut milk added. The noodle though wasn’t what I expected from the usual Sarawak Laksa. Instead of the thin ones that we are familiar with, they serve with thicker rice vermicelli which we get for 糟菜米粉. I am okay with the choice of rice vermicelli as it has more texture. However, this is solely subjective to personal preference. Some may like it while some may not.

Sarawak Laksa comes with their homemade sambal paste (not in picture) and a piece of lime. I personally prefer a bigger saucer so that we can squeeze the lime juice onto the sambal paste. The saucer provided was so small that it couldn’t accommodate the lime juice with sambal paste at the same time and I had to pour the lime juice into my broth. Presentation wise, a plus point but not “user friendly” in my opinion.

Mee Rebus | B$5.00

Jennifer ordered Mee Siam in the first place but the waitress came by our table later informing her that Mee Siam is sold out. Jennifer went for Mee Rebus instead. Her Mee Rebus came with super generous portion of daun soup (or coriander), cut green chili, bean sprouts, tofu puffs, half of a boiled egg, beef rendang and yellow noodles.

According to Jennifer, the beef rendang was well done. The meat was tender. However, the broth from Beef Rendang empowered the broth for Mee Rebus. In short, she can’t taste the broth of Mee Rebus.

Sweet Nonya Delights Cafe
Unit 16, Regent Square,
Kampung Kiulap, Simpang: 150-17,
BE1318, Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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