Cooking Diary #48

I had been craving for Laksa for quite some time so I decided to make my own at home. I normally eat Laksa for breakfast so that I don’t get stomach upset from the coconut milk. I bought a packet of ready made vegetarian curry paste from the local supermarket and some puff tofu from Hua Ho, Manggis Mall. I love their imported puff tofu. They are better than the ones made locally.

Source: honestbee

If you’re wondering which puff tofu I’m referring to, this is the one which I bought from Hua Ho, Manggis Mall. I think it’s only available at Hua Ho, Manggis Mall. I looked for it from Hua Ho, Yayasan  before but they aren’t the same. I’m not sure if they repacked into smaller portion but it’s not the same packaging. Most of the puff tofu made locally are hard to chew.

So, this is my homemade version of Vegan Curry Noodles. I bought a packet of Taiwanese flat noodle. Texture wise, it is better than our regular Italian pasta in my opinion and it paired extremely well with my vegan curry broth. My vegan curry consisted of sweet cabbage, eggplants, carrots, vegan seafood tofu and puff tofu. It would be nicer if there’s more carrot so that the broth will taste sweeter.

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