Review: Easy Way, Batu Bersurat

Easy Way has recently established a new branch in Batu Bersurat located right across High Frequency Lifestyle Cafe. As usual, the gang – San Diann, Clara, Shew Hiang and I would always come up with different options to choose before we settled with the one that majority wants. San Diann suggested that we try out the newly established Yam Cha Restaurant for lunch but I declined as I am going in the morning with Mom and colleagues.

We settled with Easy Way in Batu Bersurat as I had seen their posts on my Instagram feed quite often recently. Instead of the usual bubble milk tea parlor they previously operate, they are now turning the business into cafes offering both sweets and savories. Clara and I were the first to arrive and we both ordered bubble milk teas each while waiting for San Diann and Shew Hiang to arrive.

We didn’t order mains apart from Shew Hiang as San Diann came with a full tummy while Clara and I couldn’t decide what to eat. So, I ordered us some finger foods as we planned to go elsewhere for a second round. Without further ado, let me show you what we had yesterday …

Onion Rings | B$3

We had Onion Rings to share. Portion was generous in my opinion given the price. Sad to say, the onion rings weren’t good enough and Clara agreed too. The onion rings were rather soggy for my liking and the batter coating wasn’t crunchy either.

Buffalo Wings | B$5

The Buffalo Wings came with a side of fries. I contemplated whether to order fries but luckily I didn’t. The wings were nicely done, coated with hot sauce. The sauce was spicy but pretty addictive.

Grilled Striploin Steak | B$9

Shew Hiang ordered this as she has been craving for red meat recently. Her Grilled Striploin Steak came with a side of fries and mushroom cream sauce. The fries were well done with crunchiness on the outside but turned slightly soggy when they are cooling down.

Shew Hiang requested well done for her meat. The meat looked tough to me as she did exert a bit of effort to slice her meat. According to Shew Hiang, the meat was dry but acceptable when paired with the mushroom cream sauce.


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