Cooking Diary #49: Thai Basil Chicken

Mom and I went grocery shopping last Sunday morning after breakfast at Yam Cha Restaurant. I used to not like the taste of basil as I find them too strong for my liking. However, I was later being told that there are two types of basil leaves. Despite that I didn’t like the scent of basil previously, I love pesto. LOL!

We have homegrown basil at home but the plant is now almost naked as I used up quite a lot of the basil leaves for Thai Basil Pork earlier last month. Hua Ho, Gadong is selling fresh Sweet Basil and I bought a packet so that I can cook Thai Basil Chicken. My colleagues love Thai Basil Chicken.

Thai Basil Chicken (adapted from Seonkyoung Longest)

This is my rendition of Thai Basil Chicken. Most of the recipes I found online used minced chicken but I couldn’t be bothered to mince them as it takes time to do so. I bought two pieces of chicken breast fillets and Mom sliced up a piece and a half of them to cook this. You can be creative with the type of meat you want. If you like spicy, use chili padi or susu for a spicy kick.

Mom is not a spicy eater so I used regular chili and removed the seeds. As for the basil leaves, I used about two and a half cups of them to which they shrunk in quantity once cooked. Colleagues commented that this one tasted better than my previous Thai Basil Pork which I went overboard with Thai Fish Sauce.


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