07122017 / Jade Well Restaurant

I went out early for breakfast yesterday morning. I chose Jade Well as it’s located along the way from home to workplace. I spring cleaned my office yesterday so I started off the day with a heavy breakfast. I would usually avoid heavy breakfast but I gave myself a break yesterday under the excuse that I needed the carbs to last me through the day. I’m not sure how much calories are burnt but I got aches all over my body this morning. LOL!

Fried Kueh Tiaw | B$3.50

I had Fried Kueh Tiaw as I’m not much of a fan for yellow noodles unless I feel like it. I liked that the noodles are cooked to the dark shade which I love. The noodles looked greasy but it was surprisingly not as greasy as I anticipated it to be.

Taste wise, I’m not sure if I’m having weird taste bud yesterday but it was rather bland so I added quite a fair amount of their blended chilies. Instead of using chicken breast, they used the flesh from the chicken thigh this time round.

Jade Well Restaurant
No: 16, Bangunan Ben Kassim & Hajah Zaliha,
Simpang: 440,
Kampung Sungai Tilong,
Jalan Muara,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


4 thoughts on “07122017 / Jade Well Restaurant

  1. I dont like their fried kueh tiaw either… the taste was bland as you mentioned and the watan ho was too watery and dont have the ‘wok’ taste….

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