Miri Food Hunts / Koffee Brick

Mom and I arrived home around half past three in the afternoon yesterday. We went for lunch at Tien Sing Restaurant before heading home. I was supposed to start blogging yesterday evening after coming home but my shoulder blade has been aching since the night before. My suspect was one of the food which I ate during dinner which triggered the ache to return. I was all good during the day but the ache was almost unbearable after dinner.

Sister suggested that I go for sauna the next morning before checking out from Pullman Miri Waterfront, look for a masseur upon arriving home to ease the pain and get prescription from our family GP. Going for sauna on my own was the last thing on my mind but the ache was intolerable the next morning and worse, I didn’t sleep well with Mom snoring next to me. I could normally sleep well despite the noise around me but it wasn’t the case this time round.

I woke up around 7AM yesterday morning and decided that I’m going to take Sister’s suggestion and go for sauna. I packed my toiletries to shower in the shower room provided at the fitness facilities. As I was the first to use the sauna room for the day, it wasn’t hot enough to my liking. I was in the sauna room for approximately 15 minutes. My freshly washed hair was almost half dry but my body didn’t perspire at all under the heat. At the end of the day, sauna didn’t work for me.

I went for a massage session yesterday evening with a Chinese masseur yesterday evening. I swallowed two Voltaren pills yesterday before sleep to ease the ache and sore. The ache is better now but the pressed areas were sore at the moment. At least, I slept better yesterday than the night before. LOL!

Before I tire you out of boredom, let’s get started with what I intend to blog for today …

I picked Andrea from her place after dropping Mom off at the place of my colleague’s sister. I arranged to pick up Andrea at 9:30AM but there was a queue at the Malaysian border. It was about 10AM by the time I picked Andrea up. We stopped by Pullman Miri Waterfront first so that I could deposit some of my stuffs which couldn’t be left in the car due to the heat.

Our first choice of breakfast was Little Roast Co. located at Marina Square but savories were unavailable at the time. We decided to leave since there wasn’t much options for us to choose from. I asked Andrea if she’s okay with eating 生肉面 and she agreed. We walked looking for 萬香生肉面 but couldn’t find it. I surrendered and we drove to Koffee Brick instead as I know that they are serving brunch since 8AM.

Cappuccino | RM8

Chai Tea Latte | RM10

As usual, Cappuccino for Andrea and Chai Tea Latte for me. I will always go for non-coffee drink if given the chance. Koffee Brick serves both Chai Tea Latte and Matcha Latte. Their Chai Tea Latte is decent but slightly too sweet for my liking. It would be nicer if it had been less sweet.

Mentaiko Pasta | RM22

codfish roe, kewpie mayonnaise, shrimp, spaghetti, garlic bread

Andrea had this and it was served with seaweed as topping. The portion looked generous. Taste wise, it was average according to Andrea. The pasta wasn’t dry despite appearing to be with little bit of sauce at the bottom of the plate.

Smoked Salmon Panini | RM24

smoked salmon, cheddar cheese, haricots, chips

I personally find pasta too heavy for me at the time so I chose to go for their sandwiches. They have 4 types of sandwiches to choose from their menu but it was only Smoked Salmon Panini which appeals the most to me. When this was being served me in front of me, I was surprised that the chips which they stated on their menu is actually the regular chips instead of french fries version of chips. LOL!

You get to choose the kind of bread that you prefer for your sandwich and they have wholemeal, rye and baguette. I went for wholemeal. I only ate a bit of the chips but the Smoked Salmon Panini was good. The smoked salmon wasn’t as salty as some others which I had tried before.

Koffee Brick
Lot 1943,
Marina Park City Phase 2,
Miri, 98000,


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