Miri Food Hunts / Cake Rush

As you all may have known, I was in Miri overnight over the last weekend. I drove to Miri with Mom to meet up with Andrea and then dinner with Alan and Emie in the evening. After our brunch at Koffee Brick, I drove my car back to Pullman Miri Waterfront and booked Grab to go Bintang Megamall. Traffic at Bintang Megamall is horrendous in my opinion so taking Grab is the most viable option at the time given that I hate queuing for parking space.

Both Andrea and I window shopped in Bintang Megamall for about two hours before we decided to leave. As we had our brunch quite late, we decided to go for desserts at Cake Rush as per my recommendation. We booked another Grab and it only costs us RM4 to reach Cake Rush from Bintang Megamall. If you’re wondering the whereabouts of Cake Rush, it is located on the same block as The Workshop Grill and Miri Taiwan Restaurant (台湾风味馆).

Without further ado, let me show you what the both of us had!

Uji Matcha Latte | RM10

As usual, I would go for non-coffee beverage if given the chance. Cake Rush doesn’t serve Chai Tea Latte but they serve Matcha Latte brewed with their premium Uji Matcha powder. Cake Rush serves one of the best Matcha Latte in my opinion. The taste was just perfect for me, well balanced bitterness with tad bit of sweetness.

Pavlova | RM6

Andrea isn’t keen towards sweets as compared to me but it surprised me when she ordered Pavlova. She asked me if I would like to share Pavlova with her which I declined. I have never tried Pavlova before but I can roughly guess how sweet it can be. Cake Rush serves Pavlova in both original and chocolate flavor. Andrea went for the former.

Uji Matcha Cake | RM10

I’m quite an avid fan of Matcha related food so it’s no surprise that I would go for their Uji Matcha Cake. When my colleagues return to Miri, I would request them to bring me a slice or two once in a while. Of course, the texture would be slightly compromised as they had been left refrigerated for days (I don’t eat them right after receiving them).

The sponge layers were fluffy and spongy, sandwiched with a thin layer of Matcha frosting. If you’re a big fan of Matcha flavored food, do give their Matcha Opera a try if it’s on display. Matcha Opera is my favorite dessert from Cake Rush but it’s not available on regular basis unless I order in the size of a birthday cake.

Cake Rush
Lot 862, Ground Floor,
Jalan Helenium,
Miri, Sarawak,
East Malaysia


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