10122017 / Tien Sing Restaurant

Upon arriving Bandar last Sunday, Mom and I headed straight for lunch as our last meal was breakfast at 88 Cafe in Miri. The most convenient restaurant along the way is May Fang Restaurant but I’m not keen as the place could be packed with lunch crowd. So, I suggested Tien Sing Restaurant instead so that we can also order takeaway for Dad as dinner.

The restaurant wasn’t busy at the time we walked in with only a table occupied by a family of three. We were being given menu booklets to browse through but nothing seems to appeal to me. LOL! So, the waitress who attended us recommended their Vinegar Pork Leg but the vegetarian version. We decided to go with her recommendation and ordered another side dish.

Tofu Rojak | B$3.50

If my memory serves me well, Tien Sing Restaurant serves three kinds of Rojak. We chose this as it looked the closest to the real deal. Tofu Rojak was served with sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts, pineapples, jicama and crushed peanuts tossed in vegetarian Rojak paste.

Vinegar Pork Leg | B$5.50

Their Vinegar Pork Leg wasn’t authentic enough in my opinion. Not because of the mock pork leg but the gravy itself. Mom and I agreed that both the sourness and sweetness of the gravy weren’t well balance. The gravy tasted spicy due to the addition of dried chili when the real deal uses crushed ginger.

Tien Sing Restaurant
21 & 22, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan II,
Pengakalang Gadong,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2454988

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