Review: Padi Mas Restaurant

Sister came home from Singapore yesterday afternoon. I went to pick her up from the airport as both parents were not around. As Mom was away, I told Sister that I won’t be cooking and we eat out. As usual, I always go with her preference when she’s home. She usually go for Japanese as it’s one of her favorite cuisines but she craves for Samgyopsal this time round.

The only Korean restaurant which serves Samgyopsal here in Brunei is Padi Mas Restaurant located at Warisan Mata-Mata Complex. I had never been to Padi Mas Restaurant before so it makes a good reason to try the place out. I didn’t bother to make reservation beforehand as I don’t think it will be necessary. True enough, the restaurant wasn’t packed at all the moment we walked in.

For your information, Padi Mas Restaurant is a non-Halal Korean restaurant as pork is served. When I first knew about the said restaurant, I asked Jia for review and she told me that she only likes their BBQ Pork but not their mains. I came across an Instagram profile that has pictures of the food from Padi Mas Restaurant. I contacted the person who posted those pictures and asked for her reviews. She recommended me their Bibimbap and Kimchi Jjigae.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday! We went slightly overboard with the orders and had to bring the extras home.

The complimentary Banchan that came with our mains. As we ordered Samgyopsal, lettuce was served as wraps. Their Banchan were average in my opinion. Their preserved Kimchi lacked flavoring but it’s entirely subjective to personal preference. I prefer spicy preserved Kimchi.

Samgyopsal | B$13.00

All their BBQ food come in two sizes – small and big. We went for the small portion. Samgyopsal is BBQ pork belly without any marinade. The restaurant offers BBQ pork in marinade – Galbi and Jumullock. Sister opted for the original flavor.

The waitress asked if we would like to cook them ourselves or they cook for us in the kitchen. We settled for the latter as we didn’t want to go through the trouble. As there were more leaner part than the fatty part, the meat harden after a while. All in all, both Sister and I were satisfied with their Samgyopsal.

Dolsot Bibimbap | B$8.50

Dolsot Bibimbap came served with a strongly flavored Miso Soup. Both Sister and I agreed that the portion was quite small. The Gochujang paste was served underneath the sunny side up and the portion was so little to bring out the taste. We had to toss in the preserved Kimchi from the Banchan. Both of us agreed that their Dolsot Bibimbap lacked something but couldn’t decide what it was. We had our Dolsot Bibimbap with pork.

Gimbap | B$4.70

They have several fillings options to choose from for their Gimbap. They have Tuna, Chicken, Beef and Pork. We went for chicken as we didn’t want to go overdose with pork. We prefer everything in moderation.

Kimchi Pajeon | B$8.90

The restaurant serves Kimchi Pajeon in two sizes – small and big. What we had was their small size. Their Kimchi Pajeon was pretty good in my opinion. It had a crunchy top and crust. Taste wise, flavoring was done nicely. At least it didn’t taste sweet like the one I had at Meogja last Sunday afternoon. I still prefer the Kimchi Pajeon from Koryo Restaurant despite this one is one of the authentic kinds.

Verdict: I tried out the restaurant with low expectation having heard quite a bit of mixed reviews from friends and reviews online. Kaylie commented that the marinade for her Galbi didn’t get through both the times she went Padi Mas Restaurant. I was tempted to try their Jumullock to be honest but Sister ain’t a spicy food person.

Among all the food that we ordered yesterday, I think I’m the least impressed with their Dolsot Bibimbap. However, I don’t mind returning again next time to have more of their Samgyopsal and Jumullock. I would suggest going before showering as you definitely have to shower again after dinner. The BBQ smokey smell was so strong that it lingered on both my hair and clothing.

Padi Mas Restaurant
Unit 6 & 7,
Block C, Warisan Mata-Mata Complex,
Simpang: 322, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2457644

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