Review: Wanton Noodle House, Brunei

When you keyed in Wanton Noodle House into Instagram, the first result which came out wasn’t the one located in Brunei but Singapore. Hence, it explains why I’m adding “Brunei” behind the name of the home based restaurant located in Subok. I got to know about this home based restaurant through San Diann and he was being recommended by Ing.

Ex-CHMS students may have came across this home based restaurant before. From what I gathered, they were based at Haji Ahmad Flat before, the flat behind CHMS. I’m an ex-CHMS student but I don’t remember patronizing this home based restaurant during my school days.

Wanton Noodle House is only open four days a week. For your information, Wanton Noodle House is a non-Halal eatery as pork is served. Wanton Noodle House is located in a residential area. Do park with cautious without causing inconvenience the other residents living in the area. As we were early this morning, parking space is not a problem.

BBQ Pork Noodle | B$4

All noodles are handmade from scratch. They only serve Cantonese noodle. Cantonese noodle is the thinner version of Mee Pok. A bowl of BBQ Pork Noodle is served with their homemade BBQ Pork, Chye Sum and spring onions. The BBQ Pork was different as compared to the usual Char Siu that we are accustomed to. It was drier but the flesh ain’t tough and it came with a smoky flavor.

The homemade noodle was springy in texture. Flavoring wise, I find it rather bland in my opinion. Probably because I didn’t toss the noodles well with the sauce at the bottom. Mom said that hers was rather salty. However, Mom also commented that the noodle would be nicer if it was served with fried red onions.

Wanton | B$5

Sister had their dry Wanton as she’s not so into noodles. The Wanton skin was homemade too. It was smooth and silky. A bowl of Wanton came with 10 pieces.

Wanton Noodle House
#1, Simpang: 527-20-17,
Kampung Belimbing,
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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