Of Random Things #130

Sister went back to Singapore this morning after a short weekend trip home to attend Jennifer’s wedding which took place last Saturday evening. I requested for a weekend off from work so that it would be easier for me to attend the wedding. Parents had been invited to the wedding as well.

Anyways, Sister and I went to Times Square yesterday afternoon to try out saychiizu. Review will come shortly after if you are interested. Singapore had also recently brought in the franchise and they have three outlets across Singapore at the moment. Sister chose to try it here in Brunei as the crowd in Singapore will always be overwhelming.

After having tried out saychiizu, we have nothing else to do as our next appointment to meet Jennifer was at 4PM. So, we went to Best Eastern and I bought a book. I have Kindle app on my iPad but I don’t read eBook as much as I used to anymore. So, I thought maybe a paperback book might trigger my reading hobby back? LOL!

And guess which book did I buy? As usual, I went for chick flick. It’s a book by Paige Toon.

I had read quite a fair amount of Paige Toon’s work and I can’t really remember if I had read this too. Having read the synopsis, it didn’t ring a bell. So, I assumed that I must not have read it yet.

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