Of Random Things #131

Sister was home last weekend to attend Jennifer’s wedding reception. I requested a day off from work so that we can be at the venue on time. Jennifer invited the entire family. So, both parents of mine attended too.

I didn’t manage to get a long dress this time round so I wore a tailor made dress by Mom. As Sister wasn’t keen on going for a makeover, I didn’t either. We only had our hair done. I requested Darren to give me soft curls and finished off with some sprays to hold the curls.

I had finally finished watching Prince of Wolf yesterday! It was long but the storyline was surprisingly better than I thought. Some of the Korean drama series had finished airing recently and one of them was I’m Not a Robot. By the time I’m done watching I’m Not a Robot, Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me should have completed airing too.

I’m Not a Robot


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