25022018 / Ochado

Last Sunday was a day spent with loads of waiting. After brunch at Jia Xiang Wi Shi Fang, I drove Mom to Kiarong as she needed to an errand done and off to Bandar later in the afternoon where she got her hair done while I had manicure, pedicure and eyebrow threading.

When I was done with my beauty stuffs, I went over to Mom’s to find that she wasn’t done yet. Her hairstylist told me that she would be done in an half and a half but it stretched to three hours in total. I intended to drive out for coffee break on my own but I was to lazy to do so. So, I ended up ordering a drink from Ochado and spent a good hour watching Just Between Lovers in the cafe.

Matcha Fresh Milk | B$3.50

My love for Matcha is never ending. Matcha Fresh Milk sounded nice to me when I was browsing their menu before placing my order. I requested for 25% of sugar content. The Matcha mixture was bitter in my opinion. The milk tasted slightly sweetened as I saw the barista poured in sugar syrup in it and stirred.

However, when both the milk and Matcha mixture were stirred together, the drink tasted rather bland in overall. I think the sweetness level would be well balanced if I had requested for 50% of sugar content instead of 25%.

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