Skincare Buys #19

I didn’t buy a lot from the duty free shop at Singapore Changi Airport when returning to Brunei last month as I still had quite a bit of everything the last time I checked my skincare stash. LOL! However, I did stock up on my holy grail toner from Kose.

Kose Medicated Sekkisei Lotion | S$88.50

This used to be $83 when I last purchased back in October 2017 but it has now increased by S$5.50. The packaging had been revamped though. I find it weird that Malaysia is selling this size as a limited edition item while Singapore sells it as a regular item.

Kose Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil | S$35.50

A new item for my skincare stash which I got from Kose. This cleansing oil had been launched for a few years but never gotten round to try it. So, I got myself one to try since the price tag ain’t that steep for a cleansing oil from Kose.

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