18022018 / Khao Yai Day 3

We checked out from Khaoyai Terrazzo around 9:15AM and waited for our driver to pick us for our last day of tour in Khao Yai before returning to Bangkok. It was scheduled in our itinerary that we will leave Khao Yai for Bangkok in the late afternoon as per the landmarks which Anthony had drafted us in the first place.

However, we canceled at least half of his suggested landmarks and it allowed us to return to Bangkok earlier than expected. Our driver was nice enough to drop us off at Chatuchak Market for two hours on the way back to Bangkok and picked us up when we were done. He did it without extra surcharge on top of our agreed travel fare! We tipped him extra by the end of the trip so that he could cover for the toll fee that he paid for on the way to Chatuchak Weekend Market.

While waiting for our driver to pick us up from the hotel, I took the extra time to take pictures of the hotel and it’s surrounding for reviewing purpose. We didn’t took much selfie of the three of us as taking picture in a group of three isn’t auspicious according to Sister. So, this selfie was one of the few that we took of the three of us together throughout the entire trip.

We only had two destinations planned for the day before returning to Bangkok. One of them was Secret Art Garden. Our first stop for the day was Secret Art Garden. The weather was perfect that morning with cool breeze as we toured around Secret Art Garden. Secret Art Garden is an outdoor garden but shaded with lots of greens. Hence, making the area cooling even during early morning. However, it can be hot during noon.

This is the entrance into Secret Art Garden. Entrance fee is ฿100 per person. It took us about an hour and a half to complete touring the entire place. I think it would have taken us an even shorter time if the weather had been hot that day.

Our driver had parked his car outside the entrance when we came out from Secret Art Garden. We then moved on to our last destination in Khao Yai before departing for Bangkok. Dairy Home Organic Outlet was our last destination in Khao Yai. There was nothing much to see at Dairy Home Organic Outlet but we got to try their homemade ice-cream made with organic milk!

If you’re wondering what’s so special that I took of this miniature sized washroom. This is the kids’ washroom, made to the size of young children. When I first saw the size, I was wondering if it’s for demonstration or display purpose. But then all the fixtures and everything looked so real. The adult washroom is just right next to the kids’ washroom.

Dairy Home Organic Outlet offers at least 20 ice-cream flavors to choose from. Some are the standard flavors that we are used to. Thai Milk Tea flavor is the most common one in Thailand and followed by Matcha. As we weren’t Thai literate, we didn’t know that the wordings on the ice-cream fridge meant two scoops for ฿80.

We were told to proceed to the Cashier counter when we tried to place our orders with the staff stationed at the ice-cream counter. We signaled two with our fingers and the Cashier requested ฿160 from us. We thought it was ฿80 for a scoop and it turned out to be ฿80 for two scoops. We ended up with four scoops!

We had White Wine & Lychee, Lavender, Sunflower Seed with Safflower and Green Tea. The Lavender flavor wasn’t artificially flavored but made with the real Lavender flower. Their Green Tea flavor was good and it had the bittersweet taste which I love.

Instead of serving in an ice-cream cone or paper cup, they serve on cute glass cups of different shapes! ฿80 comes with a free cup that you can take away with you when you finished your ice-cream. You can either bring back the one you had your ice-cream (they’ll wash for you upon request) or choose a new one from the display shelf.

So, this summed up our last day in Khao Yai before departing for Bangkok. Coming up next is Chatuchak Weekend Market. Do stay tune if you’re interested.

3 thoughts on “18022018 / Khao Yai Day 3

    • Hmm … Maybe not but Secret Art Garden is indeed nicer as compared to the other landmarks which I visited in Khao Yai.

      I don’t see myself returning Thailand in the next few years to be honest. I think Lucas and Leia would love Secret Art Garden and Hobbit House.

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