04032018 / Koryo Restaurant

I had been craving for Korean cuisine ever since coming back from Singapore. When in Bangkok, I told Sister that I wanted to go for Korean dinner on our last night in Singapore before returning to Brunei. Unfortunately, Sister was suffering from gastric pain so we ended up having dinner at Food Republic in Suntec instead.

Both parents are away from home for the weekend. I was lazy to cook so I headed out for lunch on my own around 1PM to avoid the lunch rush. Thankfully, the restaurant wasn’t crowded at the time I was there and food were served promptly after ordering.

Complimentary Banchan that came with the main course. It consisted of egg rolls, pickled vegetables, anchovies, pan fried crabstick, pickled lettuce and Kimchi. I’m not much of a fan for their egg rolls before but the ones from today were good!

Chicken Dolsot Bibimbap | B$10

I intended to go for Vegetable Dolsot Bibimbap at first but the price for Chicken and Vegetable Dolsot Bibimbap were the same. So, I opted for the former instead.

So loving the color of my Chicken Dolsot Bibimbap after it had been mixed with Gochujang and preserved Kimchi! I purposely set aside the Kimchi from the Banchan for my Bibimbap. The portion was too big for one so I finished half of it and packed the remaining half for dinner into my home brought food container.

Kimchi Pancake | B$5

As mentioned in my previous food entries of this said restaurant, Koryo Restaurant makes the best Kimchi Pancake in town. I like that they weren’t stingy with the ingredients. I liked that you can bite into the ingredients on every bite instead of floury batter. However, this is solely subjective to personal preference.

Koryo Restaurant
B11, Bangunan Lim Eng Ming,
Simpang: 88,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2239837

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