Review: Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture_EX

I haven’t been blogging about skincare products recently as I had been focusing more on food. Hence, the expanding waistline. LOL! Anyways, I had a few new skincare products which I had been using for two months or so and I find them good in my opinion. So, here’s a review of one of the new skincare products which I had been using recently.

Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture_EX

I got this from Singapore Changi Airport duty free shop when I flew back to Brunei back in July last year. There was an ongoing promotion at the time whereby you’ll get additional discount if you purchase three or more Korean skincare products. It didn’t have to be from the same brand. As long as they are Korean products, the promotion is valid. I bought two products from Laneige and one from innisfree at the time.

I don’t use much facial cleansers from Laneige and this was my third, I think. The consistency of this facial cleanser is a creamy one instead of clay paste like which you sometimes get from other brands of cleansers. It lathers extremely well with a little bit of water. As it lathers well, you wouldn’t need a lot to achieve the desired amount of foam. I only use about half a centimeter per wash and it cleanses my face well. In terms of fragrant, it smelled like what typical Laneige products smell like. It is pleasant and not overpowering for me.

Performance wise, the product cleanses well without stripping skin moisture. It leaves my skin looking clean, soft and clear after each wash. Best of all, it didn’t cause any breakout to my skin.

So, here’s what I think of Laneige Foam Cleanser Moisture_EX in a nutshell:

1. Affordable.
2. Smelled pleasant.
3. Doesn’t strip skin moisture.
4. A little goes a long way.
5. Doesn’t break out on my skin.

None that I could think of.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Price: S$23.10 (Singapore Changi Airport Duty Free)

Repurchase? Yes!


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