13032018 / Flour & Butter Cafe

Jia invited me for a dinner gathering with Jenny and Irene at Flour & Butter Cafe yesterday evening. As usual, it’s always a chore when it comes to choosing a venue. We only decided on the venue couple of hours before the meetup time. I opted for Flour & Butter Cafe when I found out that they had been introducing new menu.

Jia agreed on Flour & Butter Cafe too as there was an item which she wanted to try. We agreed to meet at 7:30PM and I turned out to be the first to arrive despite that I was running slightly late. While waiting for the three of them to arrive, I ordered myself a drink.

Dark Chocolate | B$5.00

Tom Yam Pasta with Seabass | B$11.90

Pasta Di Granchio | B$12.50

spaghetti served with soft shelled crab and a touch of chili crab flavor

This was what Jia wanted to try at Flour & Butter Cafe. She loves the Spicy Soft Shelled Crab Pasta from Little Audrey Cafe. I did a bit of taste test and it tasted rather sweet for my liking. The pasta was cooked alright though. According to Jia, the crab however wasn’t exactly fresh in certain parts of the body. All in all, Jia was disappointed with her Pasta Di Granchio.

Lemon Butter Garlic Prawn Pasta | B$12.90

This was what I had for dinner yesterday. It is one of the newest creation of the cafe recently. They had also launched a lemon flavored cake some time last week but it wasn’t available when we were there yesterday evening. The texture of the pasta was cooked to my liking and I had specifically requested for less cream.

The pasta was served with 6 pieces of prawns and topped with some dried parsley. To further enhance the flavor, I think they had also added some capers (they looked like capers to me but I could be wrong). The slight sour taste from lemon actually “compensated” the cream. The cream sauce might get a bit sickening given the portion if not for the sour taste. All in all, I think the sour taste from the lemon and capers balanced all out.

Flour & Butter Cafe
No: 29, Ground Floor,
Bangunan Haji Hassan Abdullah,
Menglait, Jalan Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-2422323 

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