Review: Huxley Essence Grab Water

Phew! Three reviews on skincare products in a week is quite an achievement here. I am rather tempted to get some new skincare products from but I need to clear at least half of them before I could start buying.

I am going to Miri on a day trip this weekend and I was thinking if I should stock up on my Shiseido sunscreen as my current one is running low. However, I think the leftover could at least last me for another month? Should I try out the cheaper sunscreens that can be found at Watsons? Do you have any to recommend? I heard the ones from Biore are good.

Anyways, let’s get on moving to what I intended to blog for today. If you had been following Korean beauty bloggers or YouTube vloggers, you may have come across Huxley. Huxley sounded American to me at first but it hails from Korea. They don’t have their own standalone boutique store like some other prominent brands do in Korea but you can find them in Korean drugstores or Olive Young.

Huxley Essence Grab Water

Huxley is not easily accessible outside Korea. But with eCommerce, anything is possible. When I last shopped from, I tried my luck and searched for Huxley. Much to my surprise, carries quite a few new Korean skincare brands including Huxley. Apart from Huxley, you can also find COSRX, Heimish and NEOGEN on

What caught my attention of the product was the minimalist design. It didn’t come with fancy pansy colorful packaging. The product is housed in an aqua colored glass bottle. Despite that Huxley categorized the product as an essence, I used it as a serum. The serum comes with thick but almost gel like consistency. On the first week of using the said product, I experienced mild breakout on my lower cheek and chin areas. So, I stopped the product for about three days before reusing and it got better after.

A number of YouTube vloggers raved about the fragrant of the said product. I, on the other hand didn’t really like the fragrant as much as they do. It didn’t smelled floral like some other brands of serums which I had used. As a matter of fact, I think it smelled almost like grass. I don’t usually have a problem with fragrant but my nose didn’t like what I smelled.

Performance wise, it worked average on my skin in my opinion as I had anticipated more from the product. Some claimed that this product gives an instant perked up, bouncy and plump skin but I don’t really think it worked that way. I liked that it absorbed onto my skin quick but it didn’t really gives me the kind of effects as what some claimed to be.

So, here’s what I think of Huxley Essence Grab Water in a nutshell:

1. Nice minimalist packaging.
2. Absorbs onto the skin quick.

1. Experienced mild breakouts on the lower cheek and chin at first.
2. Didn’t like the scent as it smelled like grass to me.
3. Didn’t work as what other users claimed to be.
4. Not easily available outside Korea unless purchased online.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RM148 (

Repurchase? No


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