Review: The Ugly Duck, Miri

Mom and I went Miri on a day trip last Sunday for a medical appointment. My medical appointment was set to be at 9AM but we overslept and ended up waking up at 5:45AM. My initial plan was to leave the house by 6AM so that we don’t get stuck at the border. We managed to leave the house around 6:45AM and there was no queue at the checkpoint border when we arrived but the line started got longer shortly after.

My tummy was growling in protest when we were halfway through with our medical consultation. I drove to Mega Hotel as I needed to get my eyeglasses replaced but the optical store which I frequent had relocated. There’s no way that I could find the new place as it’s quite far from the city centre. Hence, we decided to get an early lunch before heading to Bintang Megamall for my eyeglasses replacement.

Instead of driving, I booked Grab from Mega Hotel to The Ugly Duck. It’s extremely time saving in my opinion. Travel fare from Mega Hotel to The Ugly Duck was RM5.

This is the main entrance of the restaurant but they put a signage on the door requesting patrons to use the other door instead. When I booked Grab to leave The Ugly Duck, the Grab driver had trouble locating the cafe as the GPS system on his vehicle wasn’t working and he commented on the unique branding of the cafe. LOL!

The cafe is spacious in my opinion with ample lighting for good food photography. What’s so unique about The Ugly Duck in my opinion is that their food are served with pork mostly. Pork belly to be exact. If you’re non-pork eater, you can always request for non-pork options such as fish, chicken or vegetable as stated in the picture above.

Three Layers Iced Tea | RM3

We ordered this to share and requested for lesser sugar and ice. Sweetness level, it was just fine but lacked the aroma of the Three Layers Iced Tea that I was accustomed to.

Ugly Kolo Mee | RM8

pork belly and leafy greens

Mom would always go for noodle if given the choice. When she found out that her Ugly Kolo Mee costs RM8, she exclaimed that it was too steeply priced. Thankfully, the noodles were good enough for her liking. It came with a medium sized bowl of clear soup, generous portion of deep fried pork belly and some green vegetables. She couldn’t finish the pork belly and requested to takeaway.

Fried Rice with Pork Belly | RM18

fried rice, Chinese pork sausage, crispy skin pork belly, fried egg and special King Kong spicy sauce

I had Fried Rice with Pork Belly as I needed rice to last me for the day. The fried rice was nicely cooked. It wasn’t wet mushy kind but grainy and topped with a nicely done sunny side up. The pork belly served was generous in my opinion but most given were fatty in my opinion. There were only a few pieces which came with leaner meat. The special King Kong spicy sauce was the bomb in my opinion. Despite being told not to eat spicy food, I couldn’t help myself with more serving.

Verdict: All in all, I personally find the food good enough for the price given the portion. Food were served promptly in my opinion. However, it did take some time for the staffs to clear tables when patrons had left. Not sure if they were unaware that the patrons seated outside had left or they were busy with orders.

During payment, it took some time for them to return with the change. The person-in-charge apologetically told us that change will have to take a short while as they were running out of small notes. The patrons who requested for bill ahead of me got held up due to the change as well. I do not mind returning to try the other dishes. But hopefully, I wouldn’t be held for the same reason again.

PS: The Ugly Duck is a non-Halal restaurant as pork and liquors are served. 

The Ugly Duck
Lot 2067, Marina Phase 1,
Miri, 98000,
Tel: +6-085320039

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