18022018 / Patpong Night Bazaar

Patpong Night Bazaar or commonly known as Patpong Night Market is the nearest night market located near to Siri Sathorn. It is located in within 15 minutes of walking distance. There are aplenty of night markets in Bangkok and Patpong Night Bazaar is one of them. Upon entering the main entrance into Patpong Night Bazaar, you will be greeted with at least two nightclubs.

Imitation products are widely available at the night market too. Some of them looked almost original like the real deal while some are obviously knock off.

We came across this stall selling Pad Thai and ordered one to share among the three of us. The noodles were precooked beforehand so that they would be done faster upon ordering. They serve Thai Spring Roll too and it was pretty decent in my opinion.

Pad Thai | ฿40

This was the spiciest Pad Thai that I had when in Thailand. The chef asked if I would like some spiciness to go with my Pad Thai and I nodded. Little did I know that it was so spicy. Despite the spiciness, it was addictive. Both Mom and Sister complained of the spiciness and I ended up polishing the rest of the Pad Thai.

Mango Sticky Rice

Which I find it to be average for my liking. The sticky rice was a let down as it was rather undercooked in my opinion. The diced mangoes were sweet though. There were quite a few stalls selling the same thing along the same street but it just happened that the one Sister bought from wasn’t that great.

Green Tea Red Bean Mascarpone | ฿135

Before returning to our hotel, we stopped by Starbucks Coffee to rest our legs and ordered ourselves a slice of Green Tea Red Bean Mascarpone to share. I think this particular flavored of cake is exclusive for Starbucks Thailand. It was good. The Green Tea flavored sponge layers were soft and fluffy with a distinctive Green Tea taste. The red bean and Mascarpone blended real well together.

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