18032018 / Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, Miri

After our early lunch at The Ugly Duck, Mom and I booked a Grab to bring us to Bintang Megamall. It was extremely congested at the time and thank goodness that I didn’t consider driving us there. It was so congested to the extent that I requested the Grab driver to drop us off at the road side nearby the entrance of Meritz Hotel, which the Grab driver happily agreed.

I got my eyeglasses replaced at DES Optics located next to the entrance of Parkson since the optical store which I usually frequent had relocated. The waiting time was an hour so we loitered in the building. We went into Daiso and came out empty handed but we managed to buy some organic products from a organic store located on the same floor.

On the last 20 minutes before my eyeglass was due for collection, I stopped by Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart so that we could rest our legs. Figured out that Mom would love their Durian Baked Cheese Tart and I was right.

Durian Cheese Tart | RM7

I got us Durian Cheese Tart to share. Brunei had recently opened up a branch in Gadong. According to their Instagram profile, a piece of Durian Cheese Tart is selling at B$3.80. It was no wonder why I saw quite a number of Bruneians queuing for the cheese tarts the other day.

Would you look at the flowy cheese lava? The durian flavor was pretty intense in my opinion but best eaten while it was still warm or else the combination may get a little bit sickening when cooled down. I love the buttery and crisp crust. It paired well with the soft filling. I do not mind returning to try their Matcha Azuki Cheese Tart next time.

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