23032018 / Sulbingsoo

Dinner tonight was at Sulbingsoo. You must be wondering why was it dinner at a Korean dessert cafe? If you haven’t know, Sulbingsoo had launched a series of hot Korean food like Bibimbap, Pajeon, Korean Ramyun and Gimbap. I had known about this quite some time ago but never gotten round to try it until tonight since I’m around the area.

The cafe was pretty quiet at the time when I walked in with two tables of patrons only but filled with more patrons when it was drawing closing time. To be honest, I contemplated between Ramyun and Bibimbap but decided with the latter in fear of bloated tummy when I had too much of wheat products.

Tuna Gimbap | B$3.00

Tuna Gimbap was a letdown in my opinion as I find the rice too wet for my liking and the tuna filling was minimal. I don’t remember chewing much on the tuna filling to be honest.

Chicken Bibimbap | B$6.50

Sulbingsoo offers Salmon Bibimbap. I was tempted to order one myself but I was being told that they were using smoked salmon instead of cooked salmon. I’m not sure if smoked salmon would pair well with the Bibimbap so chicken was the safest option at the time.

The bowl was filled with half bowl of rice, preserved chives, sliced cucumbers, thinly sliced carrots, minced chicken, lettuce and a sunny side up. A small portion of preserved Kimchi was served with Bibimbap paste. The Bibimbap paste tasted a lot different compared to the usual Gochujang paste that I am used to. The minced chicken tasted rather sweet in my opinion. All in all, this bowl of Chicken Bibimbap didn’t leave me with a wow impression

Unit B7, Ground Floor,
Shakirin Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Tel: +673-8305614

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